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This isn't the end, as technology changes so will this guide, but the importance of the design and development practices discussed here will continue to be relevant as we create more inclusive experiences.

We have had an enormous amount of support from our internal departments, outside government agencies, universities, and industry leaders. We continue to learn from each other and hope you will to. That is why we have open sourced this project and ask for your feedback and help in this on-going process to educate ourselves and remove barriers. Thank you!

Writing guide

The Law

Section 508 is part of the 'Rehabilitation Act of 1973.' The law was amended in 1998 to add 508 which requires that government agencies provide equal access to information to disabled employees.

The correct way to refer to the law is:

While related in ways, the Rehabilitation Act is not part of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Key Words

Contract Language